Why Choose Us?

Love For Life is the only Matchmaking and Dating Agency in northern Thailand

Contrary to this digital day and age, Love For Life’s success story lays in the simple fact that we work with people.
We bring them together for what might be the most defining moment in their life, experience and finding Love.

In choosing us we will show you what we do best. We create near to ideal circumstances for you to come visit, date and open your heart for a po-
tential Soulmate match. Love For Life not only helps you to find your Love, we’ll do everything in our power to make it last - for you to cherish Love
for years to come. We really do what we do with our heart. How is that as a definition for choosing us?

How it Works

What do we do?

In short: Love For Life brings real life people together.

Located at the center of Chiang Mai, Love For Life Agency acts as the intermediary between people in search for Love and connect them for life.
We do that by building local or intercontinental bridges, to ease the route to finding happiness.

What’s Next?

The moment you arrive in Chiang Mai, we’ll start to take care of you.
You have enough excitement on your mind so we would like you to occupy yourself with that only.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride, we’ll take care of the rest.

That all sounds easy and done, but remember that a lot of organising went into this bit.

Blog Posts and Success stories

Stay Up to Date with what is going on at the Love For Live immediate surroundings. In our Blogs we frequently write about topics that will interest
you when you’re on the path of finding your Soulmate. Check it Out here>

When you fall in love when you’re in your forties

Be honest about your past will help you maintain a healthy relationship

The past sometimes creeps in unwantingly when you're falling in love after you have been in a significant serious relationship. Sometimes your children bring up memories, or conversations might steer towards your past and bring up feelings you've shared with your previous partner. It doesn't need to be...
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Live your life in love and share it with a partner

Just like the most of us, you prefer not to be alone for the rest of your life

Let's say that, for whatever reason, you become a bachelor at a later stage in life. Looking to solve your problem of loneliness, it can be quite 'scary' to start dating again. Love For Life Matchmaking and Dating agency advises to overcome your fears and take a leap into the unknown. Here's some tips that might...
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What is a Soulmate?

It's a simple question to ask and find an answer to a life long search. Matching a person to your hearts desire, becoming partners for life. Would that be a right definition for a Soulmate? We at Love For Life Matchmaking and Dating agency find the answer to this question multi faceted and we'd like to look at...
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Knowing when to meet your match later in life

Set out with questions answered before you start dating again.

The differences between people and how they act when a relationship ends. Some start a new relationship after a few weeks of being single, Others don't even dare to think about starting something new and wait for a couple of years to engage. Time doesn't say anything, but how do you know when you're ready for a...
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Be ready to reap the benefits of a healthy relationship

Tips to strengthen your relationship, Part #Two of Two.

Harmony, love, trust and hard work as ground rules to make a relationship happen.

As life goes on, a relationship can be challenging at times. Especially when certain parts of the happiness you share aren't 100%... Being in a relationship should be easy. When there are little hiccups there are ways to make a relationship work to benefit both partners. You can see them as ground rules to apply...
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Everybody has their personal story to tell


As a young company we are building our Track record of successful connections. Thus far we have had the luck to assist and guide 31 applicants
with a live changing future. That might not be much in reference to other matching agencies out there, but we connect people at their most true moment in Life with passion in our hearts and we strive to have genuine pleasure while doing this.

We just Love what we do, because we want you to be successful too!

I’m very pleased. Love For Life manages the hospitality for our date very well. And my date was impressive, a real gentleman.

As for experience, I thourougly enjoyed the hospitality the Love For Life Team gave me when I stayed in Chiang Mai. Everything was perfect. I’m giving a big Thumbs Up for their Team, making me feel comfortable the way they did, Wonderful!

I was enchanted to meet the Team at Love For Life. They’re lovely, honest and warm hearted and we immediately became friends. Even though we’re far apart, we still keep in touch and I’m planning to come back to Chiang Mai very soon.

I’m very thankful to Love For Life, They are Helpful to connect two persons to meet, match, chat and travel in Chiang Mai.

I’m a long term friend of Florent, and I wish him luck with Love For Life, as he supported me to embrace my second Love.
Mon frère, je t’embrasse.

Sign Up & Registration process

How to register and become a Love For Life match.


Fill out the questionnaire and answer the questions truthfully. They might be inquisitive and maybe even a little embarrassing, but the point is that
no one benefits from unanswered questions, we want your match to be most complete.

To complete your application you need to transfer the first payment of 5,000THB / 150€ / $165
When your payment has arrived you will become a 1 year registered match in search of your Love For Life.