Be ready to reap the benefits of a healthy relationship

Harmony, love, trust and hard work as ground rules to make a relationship happen.

Frank B., December 24 - 2019

Tips to strengthen your relationship, Part #Two of Two.

As life goes on, a relationship can be challenging at times. Especially when certain parts of the happiness you share aren’t 100%… Being in a relationship should be easy. When there are little hiccups there are ways to make a relationship work to benefit both partners. You can see them as ground rules to apply from both ends, for you to give and understand more of each other. Both partners have to be willing and able to invest time and be open to changes that will benefit both to remain in a healthy relationship.

Create the space you need. Try to make your partner understand that this is what you want. Give each other room to breathe, to contemplate and to understand. It’s perfefctly normal wanting to pursue personal passions that you can’t share in your relationship. An understanding partner will give you the space to explore, to eventually share the deeper story of your passions.

You’re not always going to see eye to eye, and that’s perfectly fine – so agree to disagree. The important thing is to respect each other’s opinions and ideas.

Share your enthusiasm by supporting each other. When your partner does something awesome, make sure you tell them! Your partner should offer the same support to you, it will brighten the day.

Tell your partner what you like and what makes you feel good, it will really help you to improve and maintain your relationship. Needless to say, this works on a sexual level too. Make sure that you are open and honest about what pleases you and what you don’t like. Please make sure that you never pressure your partner into doing something they don’t want. Be honest and open to listen and talk about your fantasies.

Tell your partner about how you intent to protect each other against sexual transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancy by taking care of your sexual health.

Everybody makes mistakes. Forgive your partner and try to ask for forgiveness. Be willing to apologize for your mistakes and likewise accept your partner’s apologies.

How can I improve my relationship? Keeping your relationship in good shape will definitely take some work. Having a good conversation is part of solving problems, big or small. Talk to your partner about the topics where you think you both can improve in your relationship. Be perfectly clear about what is bothering you and always be respectful. Maybe you need support from a friend or a mediator to go through this. Don’t be afraid to introduce this option into your talks, if your partner is willing and open for change, you both can work through your relationship, clear the deck and improve for the better.

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