Come and visit the Rose of the North

Chiang Mai as your destination to meet your love match.

Frank B., October 02 - 2019 Chiang Mai

You can’t go wrong with Roses….

The Chiang Mai old city is packed with restaurants, boutique hotels and, when the sun starts to set, many souvenir and streetfood shops will start to pop up. Any curious visitor can find something they will love, adore and it will leave a lasting impression of what is likely to become a very exciting visit. Chiang Mai is the most suitable place to take first steps in meeting the Love of Your Life.

The laid-back feeling a visitor gets of Chiang Mai is a blend of the Old mixed with the New. Tradition, Values and Cultures mix easily when you’re browsing the city on foot awhile on a friendly stroll. Navigating the small ally’s inside town, it’s easy to find a spot to sit, chill and chat to get to know your bearings and relax. Or even better, have a great lunch and learn more about your travel companion.
Cultural vibrancy and refinement, ancient tradition, high society all immersed in the overwhelming warm colors of buddhism. What’s better then finding the love of your life in a city that has it all?

It is said that while visiting the Rose of the North you are to find romance and connect with your loved one. The team at Love For Life fully embraces this ancient wisdom, facilitating everything you can image to have your stay become most pleasant, wishing for a favorable outcome for you and your match.

‘Chok Dee Dee’ as the well wishers say, meaning we wish you the best of luck.

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