Knowing when to meet your match later in life

Set out with questions answered before you start dating again.

Frank B., February 27 - 2020

The differences between people and how they act when a relationship ends. Some start a new relationship after a few weeks of being single, Others don’t even dare to think about starting something new and wait for a couple of years to engage. Time doesn’t say anything, but how do you know when you’re ready for a new get together?

Maybe you’ve been subject to this, your relationship was over and people around you start to ask the obvious – isn’t it about time to start something new? – and you might think, why not? You meet a few people on casual dates and it’s all good. Then reality kicks in, you recognize you’re not ready to engage in something meaningful. You’re still engrossed in memories of the past.

You’re not looking to find someone to fill the gap
It’s only natural that you want to share your life with someone, and that you’d like to have a special person around to just be there and any given moment. But as there are many close friends around that will tell you that filling a gap isn’t a long tern solution, it might just be an answer for you to to get your head around your situation in order to get some clarity.

No matter how beautiful love can be – it’s good to understand that a relationship as a purpose never can be your only pursuit in life. For what it is worth, it can be a very valuable addition to eventually become more closer to you, and start growing to become the person you’re meant to be.

Know what you want
Before you start your quest for the right one, and to get back on the dating path – it’s wise to consider a few things that can be of help awhile setting off.
You might be looking for someone quiet – or the opposite, someone vibrant and exciting. You could have a dream of eventually live together, or it might be that you’d like to live your lives together, apart. Answer yourself if you’d like to embrace children in a relationship. Whatever elements from your past realtionship did you enjoy and would you like to pursue in a new realtionship?

Deal with your past
To remain friends with your ex partner is certainly admirable, especially when you share children between you. But consider this – is it really the friendship you want or is it the longing for your shared past, and at a deeper level even wanting to get back together? You really have to be clear on this before starting to want to find someone new. Only then your path is bright and clear and you’ll enter a new relationship with a clear mind.

You’re ready to share your life again
It all sounds easy, dealing with your past and move on with someone new. Then reality kicks in and can hit you like a door on the way out. Imagine not finding a connection, or – the way you’re trying to find a date is dissapointing. Nowadays there are so many ways other then meeting a real person in life at the local grocery store. Online dating often remains online, the process usually being meaningful, but in so many instances without actual results.

Your love for life can acutally help you
As a Matchmaking and Dating service, Love For Life goes the extra mile and will look for you beyond the obvious quick fix. We focus on getting you together with all of the above questions checked, before you start. Then we match you to that special someone that equals you on paper and actually get you on a date to meet, person to person. We, as a matchmaking agengy, will do what we do best and offer you solutions to all your questions once you’ve signed up, and we’ll ease your path to meet your match in the most ideal setting you can imagine.

We live by our motto and offer you hospitality without bounds when it comes to finding your soulmate.

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