What is a Soulmate?

Frank B., February 27 - 2020

It’s a simple question to ask and find an answer to a life long search. Matching a person to your hearts desire, becoming partners for life. Would that be a right definition for a Soulmate? We at Love For Life Matchmaking and Dating agency find the answer to this question multi faceted and we’d like to look at this individually, on a person to person base – for no answer will satisfy 100%. As we’re inclined to say: we can only try and do our very best to come as close to a match as we can. The individuals themselves only then can revisit and contemplate in finding that most precious of answers.

How do you recognize your Soulmate?
Usually a partner goes through the woes of evolving awhile on the dating path, until the right one apprears – right in front of your doorstep. The right one will have answers to all questions, will provide love and will give sustenance where needed. Besides being a friend they usually are someone you can trust with your whole heart.

Let’s be clear and loosen our grip on ‘love at first sight’ for the only thing that counts. There are deeper mechanisms at work here, and they’re as obvious as the sun rising every day. Trust, attraction, openness and love are all at the base of this, to come more close to heart matters. You might find yourself in a place where the overall feeling is alright, without it being an infatuation or just for the sake of love wanting to happen. By following their hearts desire, each and everyone knows what is good and at what point you might have questions. If there is any doubt, try to clear things up just by asking the right qestions. That will lead to a more whole, satisfying journey to come closer to your potential soulmate. Only when reminiscing on the past you can actually say that your ‘love at first sight’ is indeed true, because it feels overwhelmingly good for you. All the boxes are ticked. Remember, for meeting your match – only you know the best.

Where does Love For Life Matchmaking and Dating Agency fit into all of this?
For starters, we cut away the clutter and guide registered members by asking them simple but clear questions. We ask all our members the same set of questions. Then we compare and when they match up, there’s a good chance of taking the first steps to come closer to a potential soulmate. Once we have established mutual interest and there is a favourable answer from both members, it’s time to set up a meet for a first date. Love For Life will then initiate, arrange and take care of all, such as language support for travel, finding a suitable meeting spot, how to get there and back – all done for you, so you can concentrate on the experience of meeting your date the best way possible. How’s that for service?

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