What is it like to have friendship in a relationship?

Is it possible to both experience friendship and love together equally?

Frank B., December 24 - 2019 Chiang Mai

'He's my best buddy' I hear people often say, or 'She's my best friend'.

Friendship in a relationship is a sacred thing. From the start, it’s foundations are slowly build as an exchange between two people who are a perfect match, they can talk about anything together. What they both continuously share is the wonderful harmony of give and take. Sometimes ‘friends’ are looking to slowly change their friendship to love and commitment. Sometimes the direction for both is pointing the other way, looking for some sexual benefits too. Others desire togetherness, conversation and mutual support.

All of these are good foundations for satisfying man to woman, or woman to man friendships. Most of the time these friendships will happen when both individuals have the same desire for love with a friend. While with other friendships, desire may not match up so well.

In this busy world of digital social interaction, it’s not always easy to find a match for life, especially when it comes down to reacting to a small screen, and waiting for a reaction feelings are often misinterpreted or misread. To find your match in love and friendship is often said to be a wish coming true. To both have friendship and experience deep feelings of love, all based on harmony, trust and shared equality. To experience these, we need to get out more to meet new people, to feel, read and learn someone by actually talking and interact with them. That way we’re sure that our feelings are not misread or wrongly understood, but that they are real and someone is aware because it happens in the moment – right here, right now.

Isn’t it true that when you remember a meeting or a date, you immediately afterwards know how you feel about it – good, happy or even sparkling because you have found something new and exciting?

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