What do we do?

In short: Love For Life brings real life people together.

Located at the center of Chiang Mai, Love For Life Agency acts as the intermediary between people in search for Love and connect them for life.
We do that by building local or intercontinental bridges, to ease the route to finding happiness.

In an ideal world, all partners that come together have a blank slate. There’s no emotional baggage of past relationships to carry around, they can
start their story afresh, new. No disrupting or life changing events have happened.

The reality however paints a different picture. All our clientele have a history and deal with it in one way or another. In many instances we have
encountered that while there is a wish to want Love to happen, often there is no way to connect, interact and meet with a suitable partner for life.
And, what is more concerning to us, is the general adaptation that ‘when later in life, chances to meet someone will diminish’.

Here’s news for you.
Love For Life proves different. We don’t boast when we name ourself as ‘Matchmaking and Dating Agency’. We actually bring people together
where previously there were limited ways to connect. We aim to match partners on an equal footing, to provide them with the best conditions to
make a flying start.

What’s more, we provide any after service imaginable, be it Immigration, Visa or Retirement assistance, suitable Housing and Transportation, and
indeed Marriage. With the latest administrative rules and law bound policies at hand, we offer a choice of services we can vouch for.

On top of that, Love For Life performs an ethical safety check, inquiring our clientele if all goes well, if they are happy and safe.

Think of Love For Life as your Medical Examiner.
You see the Doctor when you’re hurt. You hand over your medical history, the Doctor sets an appointment, and gets paid to do his work. The Doctor then prescribes the best cure to personally fit you. You take the cure for three consecutive dates and you’re ready to Live the rest of your Life.

Afterwards, the Doctor checks in to see if you’re both doing allright.

What our clientele have to say

I’m very pleased. Love For Life manages the hospitality for our date very well. And my date was impressive, a real gentleman.

As for experience, I thourougly enjoyed the hospitality the Love For Life Team gave me when I stayed in Chiang Mai. Everything was perfect. I’m giving a big Thumbs Up for their Team, making me feel comfortable the way they did, Wonderful!

I was enchanted to meet the Team at Love For Life. They’re lovely, honest and warm hearted and we immediately became friends. Even though we’re far apart, we still keep in touch and I’m planning to come back to Chiang Mai very soon.

I’m very thankful to Love For Life, They are Helpful to connect two persons to meet, match, chat and travel in Chiang Mai.

I’m a long term friend of Florent, and I wish him luck with Love For Life, as he supported me to embrace my second Love.
Mon frère, je t’embrasse.