What’s Next?

When you arrive at the Chiang Mai International Airport our staff will welcome you and will help and accompany you to your hotel.

We have booked your 10 night stay at your recommended hotel, including breakfast.

In advance, we have contacted the three applicants as per your preference. After you Check in, our staff will go over your iternerary for the coming
days as you will go on three different dates and you will enjoy time together to get to know your match. As you pointed out, all your dates will match
your personality, personal preference, habits and the expectations you have set in your questionnaire.

There’s no need for you to worry about anything, all you have to do is relax.

Please enjoy the moment you first meet your match to the fullest, and let us take care of the rest.
Under our guidence you will visit traditional romantic locations in town to share precious time together, for you to get to know each other during
the time you have. Please be yourself as you always are and feel comfortable, at ease.

Here’s a note:
To make the match advance, all our clientele speak english. We ask you to be inquisitive and prepare what you would like to ask during the time you
spend together. This to prevent disappointments or a stall in conversations due to shyness, the opposite party is asked to prepare for the same. Remember, you’re both carrying your heart in your hands and you’ve got absolutely nothing to loose for you to find Love . . . .
and what there is more, is for you to find out.

The trips we have set out for you we will repeat the following days, at a different setting with a different match to become a potential soulmate.
We sincerely hope you both will spark . . . .

What our clientele have to say

I’m very pleased. Love For Life manages the hospitality for our date very well. And my date was impressive, a real gentleman.

As for experience, I thourougly enjoyed the hospitality the Love For Life Team gave me when I stayed in Chiang Mai. Everything was perfect. I’m giving a big Thumbs Up for their Team, making me feel comfortable the way they did, Wonderful!

I was enchanted to meet the Team at Love For Life. They’re lovely, honest and warm hearted and we immediately became friends. Even though we’re far apart, we still keep in touch and I’m planning to come back to Chiang Mai very soon.

I’m very thankful to Love For Life, They are Helpful to connect two persons to meet, match, chat and travel in Chiang Mai.

I’m a long term friend of Florent, and I wish him luck with Love For Life, as he supported me to embrace my second Love.
Mon frère, je t’embrasse.