Another Matchmaker. Why Choose Us?


It’s a question we’d like to answer. Why? Because it gives us questions in return.
What sets us apart from the rest? Why are we better?

Let us take you on a short journey to find out.
As said, contrary to this digital day and age, Love For Life’s success story lies in the simple fact that we work with people.
We bring them together for what might be the second most defining moment in their life, experience and finding Love.
Here’s a story.

Jacques M, an administrator living in Tours - France, was happily married when 8 years ago an accident took away the love of his life, Anne. Jacques
and Anne had been saving up for a trip around the world. They envisioned that South- East Asia would be their main destination, to test the climate
and eventually emigrate to Thailand and retire.

No need to say that it took Jacques a long time to recover. After his retirement with nothing at hand, he was overcome by feelings of loneliness,
seeing his life long dreams in tatters. To take his destination into his own hands, he decided to make the trip to Thailand by himself, to re-kindle his
life. This - moreover - in loving memory of Anne.

On his travels he came to know Florent P- and as fellow frenchmen do, it didn’t take them long to bond. Their candid, open talks eventually lead Florent to carefully suggest Jacques go on a date and bring him in contact with one of his connections. Jacques responded positive, carrying his heart
in his hands and knowing that he had nothing left to loose.
Jacques started dating Ploy for 2 more times before they consolidated their friendship.

In meeting Ploy, Jacques got a second chance at Life, in the know that Anne would want him to live the rest of his life in happiness.

This story, as a result of cause and effect of what happened to Jacques, is what eventually lead Florent to start up
Love For Life, Matchmaking and Dating Agency.

In choosing Love For Life Matchmaking Services we can show you what we do best.
Love For Life is under both foreign and Thai management to better understand the blend of cultures at the deepest level.
We create near to ideal circumstances for you to come visit, date and open your heart for a potential Soulmate match. Love For Life not only helps
you to find your Love, we’ll do everything in our power to make it last - for you to cherish Love for years to come. We really do what we do with our

How is that as a definition for choosing us?

View some potential Soulmate Matches . . .

Mr. Ward-Johnson

Mr. Ward-Johnson wants to be your new
Soulmate because he is cute and very sensitive.

He is retired and wanting to travel and be at peace.

~ Frits, Brother.
Chester, June 2019

K. Windy

People like K.Windy because she down to earth.
Karen Tai Yai from Mae Sot want to live in Europe

~ K. Taa, Sister.
Chaing Mai, August 2019

What our clientele have to say

I’m very pleased. Love For Life manages the hospitality for our date very well. And my date was impressive, a real gentleman.

As for experience, I thourougly enjoyed the hospitality the Love For Life Team gave me when I stayed in Chiang Mai. Everything was perfect. I’m giving a big Thumbs Up for their Team, making me feel comfortable the way they did, Wonderful!

I was enchanted to meet the Team at Love For Life. They’re lovely, honest and warm hearted and we immediately became friends. Even though we’re far apart, we still keep in touch and I’m planning to come back to Chiang Mai very soon.

I’m very thankful to Love For Life, They are Helpful to connect two persons to meet, match, chat and travel in Chiang Mai.

I’m a long term friend of Florent, and I wish him luck with Love For Life, as he supported me to embrace my second Love.
Mon frère, je t’embrasse.